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Welcome to La Casa Del Sazón

We started in 2005 with a Disco de Arado, a cooking instrument used in Mexico and Latin America that consists of a giant iron disc heated outdoors over a wood fire. In 2005, a cousin asked our family to cook tacos for a family event. It was that afternoon in the City of Salinas that the inspiration for a new kind of restaurant was born. That same afternoon, our family was hired to cook tacos for another family event. Before the family knew it, we had established a taquero business. Two years later, the family saw an opportunity that would allow them to bring authentic regional Mexican cuisine to the heart of the Salinas Valley. In September 2007, La Casa Del Sazon® was open for business at Romie Lane in Salinas, CA.
We made our home in the little restaurant on 22 West Romie Lane, and for the next five years people came in out of this small establishment, sometimes waiting to taste our delicious food. Given our inspiration for cooking authentic regional Mexican food, and our passion for innovation and freshness, it was necessary to expand. Upon searching for the right place, we opened our second location in Oldtown Salinas in September of 2012. We are now celebrating our 9th anniversary thanks to our loyal and awesome customers from the Salinas Valley and beyond!




Lorenzo was part of La Casa del Sazón, Inc. founding team and has been with the company since the very first beginnings back in 2005. Lorenzo, born and raised in the state of Michoacán, Mexico – was one of the master minds behind the “Taquitos con Sazón” catering business that started in 2005. Two years later he became a co-founder of the company and has been the master mind in our kitchen ever since.